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Engaging Speakers to Inspire at Women's Convention

Rabbi Dov Greenberg, Shliach to Stanford University in California, and Mrs. Leah Rubashkin, will be the guest speakers at this year's N’shei Ubnos Chabad 63rd annual Convention in Crown Heights 26 – 28th of Iyar, May 11-13.  They will be addressing the women of the convention in the main Shul of 770 on that Sunday.


A TedTalk-style seminar will cover a vast range of speakers and topics at the Shabbos afternoon event at the Oholei Torah Ballroom. Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov will be the MC for the event. Mrs. Aidel Zaklos from Vacaville, California, Mrs. Molly Resnick from Washington Heights, New York, and Mrs. Shterna Ginsberg from Boro Park will be speaking at this event.


An inspiring and stimulating program is planned for the guests of the convention, which begins Friday morning with davening in 770, going to the Ohel and a beautiful, catered buffet lunch.


Friday night meals will be held at host families. On Shabbos day the women will be eating and farbrenging all together. Mrs. Brocha Lipszyc will address the women at the Sunday luncheon on the topic, “Malchus: The Art of Receiving and Self-Care.”


Mrs. Chani Chanin, through art and song, will farbreng at the Melave Malka session for guests, shluchos and Crown Heights women.


The concluding event and major weekend highlight will be held downstairs in 770 on Sunday on Sunday evening.  Registration will open at 6:00 pm, and the program will being promptly at 6:45 pm. Rabbi Shlomo Majeski will read the Rebbe’s letter and Rabbi Dov Greenberg and Mrs. Leah Rubashkin will be the keynote speakers.


The Rebbe established Nshei Chabad in the year 5712.  The convention was an event that was very dear to him, so much so that he took special interest in every detail.  The Rebbe showed specific interest in the theme of the convention and made sure that every single element was in place.


The Rebbe would send a letter to the convention and address the women and the girls in the main shul in 770 downstairs, and give his holy brochos together with a special message for the upcoming year.


One year, to stress to everyone how dear the Convention is to the Rebbe, the Rebbe instructed Rabbi Groner to go home and take care of their children, so that Mrs. Groner, who had just given birth, would be able to attend the convention.


Nshei Chabad anticipates a rich and memorable Shabbos together, shared with women from all over the community.  The inspiring convention is geared toward all Jewish women, from all over, and of all ages! Nshei Chabad is looking forward to a weekend where women will be uplifting each other and empowering each other to bring Moshiach Now!

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