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We Need Your Help


Everyone knows N'Shei events cost money. But many of us don't realize how expensive these events are. N'Shei needs everyone's support whether it be a "One-Time Donation" or a recurring donation. Giving maaser to N'Shei Chabad Central is a way to fulfill the mitzva and support a worthy cause from which we all benefit. You can use the "Monthly Donation" option.​  You have the opportunity to give any amount. No amount is too small. We've made it very easy to donate to N'Shei Chabad of Crown Heights. Now all it takes is a click a button to use a credit or debit card. You may also use the "Membership" to become a member of N'shei which includes a full year's subscription to the N'shei Chabad Newsletter. Please help us continue inspiring and entertaining you. Thank you. 

One-Time Donation

Membership $50

Or send a check to:


N'shei Chabad

383 Kingston Avenue, Suite 180

Brooklyn, New York 11213

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